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Version: ver. 1.4.0

Commandline Export

Commandline arguments

In some cases it's desirable to automatize the simple project-file tasks like opening and exporting/converting projects. For example when your SquareLine Studio project is a part of a larger build or you have more UI-projects to build at once with a bash/shell script. SquareLine Studio can now receive several commandline arguments to make this possible. If you use these arguments you don't need to open the GUI and manually open projects.

The commandline interface/automation doesn't work (stops at startup just like the GUI) if you don't have a licence that was set already in the GUI. So first log in with your licence in the GUI to save your credentials for upcoming runs.

The possible SquareLine Studio arguments:

  • To open a project from the command line you can give the path and filename of the SquareLine .spj project with -projectfile <path and filename> argument. This can be used for file-associations on your operating system.

  • To export a project in command-line you need to give the project-file as described above, and you also need to pass an other argument -exportfolder <path and folder> giving the export-folder.

  • In case you only want to export/refresh the ui folder of the exported project, you need to add yet another argument -ui_exportfolder <path and 'ui' folder> giving the ui folder to save. (Export-folder should still be given to know where to save lv_conf.h.)

You can use both relative and absolute paths, whatever your script requires. If the path contains any space characters you need to put the path between "" double quotes.

SquareLine Studio can receive some general Unity arguments too which might be usable for you:

  • The argument -logFile - gives more verbose results on the commandline with some useful feedback from SquareLine Studio
  • The argument -batchmode tries to disable the GUI so you can see the commandline information during the process. (There are other similar Unity modifiers like -nographics and -popupwindow trying to do the same.)


Let's say you're in the SquareLine Studio folder on Linux, where you can find the program's executable file, and you have a project in that folder called ExampleProject with the default project-name SquareLine_Project. To open the project from commandline you can type: ./SquareLine_Studio.x86_64 -logFile - -projectfile "./ExampleProject/SquareLine_Project.spj"

You can export the project into a folder called export (without opening SquareLine Studio GUI) by the command: ./SquareLine_Studio.x86_64 -batchmode -projectfile "ExampleProject/SquareLine_Project.spj" -exportfolder "ExampleProject/export" This will take some time (at least about 3 seconds) depending on the size of the project. If there's an export already at the target folder it will be overwritten.

You can export (and overwrite) the ui folder with: ./SquareLine_Studio.x86_64 -batchmode -logFile - -projectfile "ExampleProject/SquareLine_Project.spj" -exportfolder "ExampleProject/export" -ui_exportfolder "ExampleProject/export/SquareLine_Project/ui"

You need to have an existing export-folder already to do this.