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Version: ver. 1.3.2

Tutorial 3 - Add styles

Creating a project, a default style is created automatically. For example if you create a button, it will have a default color, a default border, etc.

Add and modify styles on a widget

Load the project you have created in Tutorial 2.

  • Select Button 1 on the first screen. You can find Style in the Inspector panel STYLE SETTINGS group.
  • Open Background group then select the first checkbox to activate background color change. The background color of the button will change to white.
  • Set the following parameters: R=50, G=200, B=50. Now the background color of the button turns to green. If you would like to choose from a color palette instead, click on the checkbox on the right to make Color Changer window appear.

Just like in the previous example, any style parameter can be modified or added.