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Version: ver. 1.3.2

Open Board Platform (OBP)

OBP Description

The OBP feature allows you to add custom boards to SquareLine Studio. The board packages need to be copied to the boards folder of SquareLine Studio. The added boards will be displayed on the Launcher screen in the Create menu.

The board package files should be copied to the following path:

  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\SquareLine\boards
  • Linux:~/SquareLine/boards
  • MacOS: Users\USERNAME\SquareLine\boards

Note that it's not the install directory of SquareLine Studio but another folder which is created in the user's folder automatically. 

OBP file structure:

└── boards
└── your_board_name
└── version (v1_0_0)
├── your_board.png
└── your_board.slb



This image will be shown on Launcher screen.

  • Resolution: 380x300px
  • File format: PNG, 24 bit

It's a zip-ed template project in which you already configured the MCU/MPU, drivers, build system, etc. Basically a whole get-started project from where only the UI files are missing. The zip file should contain a folder named __ui_project_name__ (and not the project files directly).

lvgl shouldn't be part of the project as it will be added automatically by SquareLine Studio during exporting.

An example ZIP file structure

├── drivers
├── ui
├── lv_conf.h
└── main.c


A JSON file containing the description and parameters of the board. For example

"group":"SquareLine Studio, LVGL",
"title": "SLS Board for freeRTOS",
"keywords": "SLS, freeRTOS, Simulator",
"width": 480,
"height": 272,
"min_width": 16,
"min_height": 16,
"max_width": 2048,
"max_height": 2048,
"offset_x": 0,
"offset_y": 0,
"rotation": 0,
"color_depth": "16",
"lvgl_export_path": "packages/LVGL-latest/",
"lvgl_include_path": "lvgl.h",
"supported_lvgl_version": "8.2.0, 8.3.2",
"pattern_match_files": "applications/lvgl/lv_conf.h",
"short_description": "short description",
"long_description": "long description"
  • version - Version of the board.
  • group - The groups are the button on to of the Create menu of the Launcher screen. You can add a bore more groups. The groups are create dynamically.
  • title - Title of the board. It is displayed in the list.
  • keywords - Will be used for searching (the search is not implemented yet)
  • width - Default horizontal resolution of the display
  • height - Default vertical resolution of the display
  • min_width, max_width, min_height, max_height - Minimal and maximal horizontal and vertical resolution
  • offset_x, offset_y - offset of the screen area
  • rotation - Supported rotation options: "0, 90, 180, 270"
  • color_depth - The support color depth options: 8, 16, 16 swapped, 32
  • lvgl_export_path - The target location of LVGL in the project. If false, 0, or "" lvgl won't be exported.
  • lvgl_include_path - a path of how to include lvgl. E.g. "lvgl/lvgl.h"
  • supported_lvgl_version - Supported LVGL versions as a comma separated list. E.g. "8.1, 8.2"
  • pattern_match_files - List of files in which "tags" will be replaced. See the list of supported tags below
  • language - Programming language ("C" or "Micropython")
  • ui_export_path - Export the UI files here
  • url - Link to more info about the board
  • short_description - Short description of the board
  • long_description - Long description of the board


These tags can be placed into any file. During exporting a project SquareLine Studio will scan the files pointed by pattern_match_files and replace the tags with the actual values.