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Version: ver. 1.3.2


Version 1.3.2

Release date: 30 August 2023

New features

  • General speed up
  • Add a "Don't export screen" proty to screens
  • Flat export (for better Arduino compatibility)
  • Allow 128 character long widget names
  • Add NXP and ST boards


  • Make components events run
  • Fix any issue when overwriting styles properties in components
  • Fix Background style usage of Spinbox
  • Fix the history panel
  • Fix the Object naming option in Project preferences
  • Fix incorrectly setting the default font lv_conf.h
  • Fix ui_Screen is not defined (Python link error)

Version 1.3.1

Release date: 13 July 2023

New features

  • Faster project load and save
  • Faster component creation and modification
  • Speed up SLS in general
  • Enable Auto save by default
  • Add Tabview widget
  • Add Spinbox widget
  • Set UI scale to 150% by default on high DPI monitors
  • Add new states for styles:  FOCUS_KEY, CHECKED | FOCUSED, CHECKED | FOCUS_KEY
  • New event triggers: KEY,  LV_EVENT_SHORT_CLICKED
  • New event actions: delete screen, step spinbox
  • Improve Undo
  • Add Temporary screen options (If enabled on a screen, that screen will automatically created on when loaded, and deleted when unloaded)
  • Add new Nuvoton board
  • Add "Fit to screen" icon to the header


  • Do not overwrite ui_comp_hook.c on export
  • Fix calendar export issue
  • Save Flex layout paddings
  • Add function in ui_events.h only once

Version 1.3.0

Release date: 3 May 2023

New features

  • Option to set the default ALIGN in Project preferences- Organize the exported code into folders
  • Show the current cursor position on the header
  • Export CMakeFile.txt, mk and a general filelist for easier integration
  • Option to send crash logs
  • Add LVGL 8.3.6
  • Add lv_indev_wait_release to gesture events
  • Saving the chart series data into components
  • Organize the exported C code into folders
  • Multi language support


  • Fix error with chart export 
  • Fix color picker on Linux


Due the new exported project structure at least the the v1.1.0 version of the Arduino project needs to be used from SLS v1.3.0.

Version 1.2.3

Release date: 29 Mar 2023

New features

  • Use multiple cores during exporting
  • Add popup if some information are missing in the font converter
  • Color style properties can be set with a single hex number
  • Update the colors real time while the colors are adjusted in the color picker
  • Add popup in case of  the portable license if you are logged in from another computer too 
  • Enable the build in montserrat fonts automatically if needed


  • Fix the project not loading due to issues with the images
  • Fix exporting the images in the correct color depth in MicroPython
  • Do not export the images deleted from the assets folder
  • Fix mixing the order of screen during loading the projects 
  • Update the color if the hex value has been changed in the color picker
  • Fix the size of the color picker on Linux

Version 1.2.2

Release date: 20 Mar 2023

New features

  • Use multiple cores during exporting
  • Include ui_comp.h in ui.h
  • Add a hook for component creation
  • Initial actions on startup
  • Allow deleting components from the editor
  • Image frame animation
  • Add lv_events.h even if the "Call function" events are not exported
  • Allow editing flex properties in components


  • Fixing bugs related to components
  • Fix the list when right clicking on a widget on a screen
  • Add extern "C" {} to ui_comp.h
  • Add scrollbar style to the panel widget
  • Make rendering faster
  • Fix disappearing style properties on the screens
  • Fix dropdown styles if they are components

Version 1.2.1

Release date: 10 Feb 2023

New features

  • 2x timer faster project loading
  • Smaller project file size
  • Formatted (uncompressed) project file format (JSON)
  • Rectangle and round display options- allow adjusting the layouts parameters in components
  • Export the UI files too when the a template project is generated
  • Save the editor version in the project files 
  • Save widget selection in history
  • Smart Watch example project


  • Fix the missing scrollbar on the main area
  • Download missing boards if the project was imported (and not created)
  • Fix that the widgets couldn't be unlocked after opening the project again
  • Fix the reverse widgets order in components during save/reload
  • Fix naming issues during component duplication
  • Fix exception when moving a component's child
  • Fix renaming fonts in components
  • Fix file names in "Save as..." in Linux

Version 1.2.0

Release date: 11 Jan 2023


  • Fix changing the order of widgets on component editing
  • Fix renaming components
  • Fix the disappearing images on component generation
  • Fix detaching components
  • Fix the generated code in SET_TEXT_VALUE_FROM_SLIDER
  • Make the launch screen scrollable on small resolutions too
  • Fix crating component from the hierachy
  • Fix file browser issue with Wayland
  • Fix the "hidden" feature
  • Fix saving the project settings window
  • Fix auto scrolling to the selected widget in the hierarchy panel

New features

  • Portable license option
  • Flex layout
  • Chart widget
  • “lvgl include path” setting in the Project settings
  • Scrollbar redesign
  • On Zoom In focus on the active screen
  • Hotkeys:
    • "a" center the active screen
    • "f" center the selected widget
  • Font manager keep the settings from the last generation
  • Allow renaming the generated fonts
  • Add Keyboard set text area action
  • Get board dynamically, on demand from GitHub
  • Add "None" option to Screen change types
  • Add padding style option to screen and button widgets
  • Add option to whether to add or not the screen name to the new widget
  • Add support for LVGL 8.3.4
  • Make it possible to style the list of the drop down widget.

Version 1.1.1

Release date: 05 Oct 2022


  • Many fixes for Undo
  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix renaming the children of components
  • Fix moving widgets with large zoom
  • Fix Calendar's C export

New features

  • LVGL version selector
  • In Preference you you can configure the length of the History
  • You can run more SLS instances simultaneously
  • Automatically the Screen name in the default name of the new widgets
  • In Project settings you can configure how to export ui_event file: ui_event.c, ui_event.cpp or none

Version 1.1.0

Release date: 01 Sept 2022


  • Fix the "Copy" feature in the Hierarchy panel
  • Fix the "Eye" (hide) feature in the Hierarchy panel
  • Fix non clickable elements on the right side of the screen
  • Fix saving the animation parameters when they have been changed.
  • Fix incorrectly exported blend mode
  • If an image has no alpha channel or all alpha values are 0xFF, generate LV_IMG_CF_TURE_COLOR images. If there is alpha channel export with LV_IMG_CF_TRUE_COLOR_ALPHA format.
  • Make SET_TEXT_VALUE_WHEN_CHECKED area multiline and fix text off
  • Do not allow setting the height of the Text area in one-line mode
  • Fix adding assets on MacOS
  • Improve peroformace
  • Fix export error for drop down list
  • Fix export error for slider increment event
  • Fix image rotation export error.
  • Fix hiding widgets with the eye icon in the hierarchy.
  • Fix issue with sing the lock icon
  • Fix exporting C code on macOS M1
  • Fix exporting the pivot for images
  • Save the test object of animations.

New features

  • Error and warning messages are added to the console window
  • Add "Force export all images" to project settings to export not only the used images but all images from the assets folder
  • Add Espressive boards: ESP-BOX, ESP Wrover Kit
  • Check if an image has or hasn't alpha channel and choose the color format accordingly
  • Add Open Board Platform
  • Add Components
  • Auto save
  • Add gesture events
  • Add an info popup when revoking the license
  • Add new animation features
  • Add "Check for update at start" checkbox in preferences

Version 1.0.5

Release date: 28 Marc 2022


  • Fix freeze on minimize
  • Fix missing theme into code in C
  • Fix export issue if an image was deleted- Set UI scale to 150% on HiDpi monitors
  • Add close button to "project cards" in the launcher
  • Improve performance
  • Auto-assign new names for child widgets on  copy
  • Add CJK character set to font converter (only common characters)
  • Update the image selector dropdown on the image widget if a new asset is added
  • Trigger Save confirmation popup on animation property change too
  • Allow position the selected widget with arrows
  • Add support for life-time license
  • New example project: Thermostat

Version 1.0.4

Release date: 11 Marc 2022


  • Fix typo in the "Ignore layout" flag
  • Fix error message when the trial period is over
  • Fix the missing option setting in the exported code of Roller and Checkbox
  • Fix the missing exported code for the Chart
  • Fix overwriting the content of ui_events.c on export
  • Include lvgl.h in ui.h in a more flexible way
  • In the exported code check if the color settings are correct
  • Add "ui_" prefix to the names of the widget in the exported py files to avoid conflict with reserved words

Version 1.0.3

Release date: 04 Marc 2022


  • Performance optimization
  • Line wrap on all images in
  • Fix rare crash when moving widgets in the hierarchy
  • Fix the exporting of the CLICKABLE flag on bar widget

Version 1.0.2

Release date: 23 February 2022


  • Fix error when loading the POS demo
  • "File->Save as..." saves the Assets folder too
  • Fix the Save button on the close confirmation pop up
  • Show the close confirmation pop up only if there were changes
  • On "Save" also save the project into a zip file and keep the last 10 versions 

Version 1.0.1

Release date: 21 February 2022


  • In the font manager the name of the fonts can start only with letters and can contain space and numbers
  • In the exported user "call function" actions pass the whole event structure as parameter
  • Instead of opening the example, create a new project from them
  • FOCUSED style is added to all widgets
  • Fix typo in the "Scroll direction" dropdown. "Top" was added twice and "Ver" was missing
  • Follow the changes in the licensing
  • Animations can be renamed
  • Collapsed animation panels remain collapsed when a new event is added