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Version: ver. 1.3.2

What is SquareLine Studio?

SquareLine Studio is specially developed for designers so as to implement their plans in the most efficient way and to take the most off the programmers' shoulders. SquareLine Studio uses the fully open source LVGL UI library which makes it possible to control the whole project because there is no Lib file generated code set. Meanwhile, it gives great performance on low performance devices.

C++ and MicroPython Support

SquareLine Studio supports exporting C and MicroPyton source code. If you don't need the low level C programming, you can create your project in the simplyfied version of the well-known and commonly used Python scripting language, MicroPython. The advantage of MicroPython compared to C programming is that it can process commands in real time. For instance if we would like to add a button to the screen of a project running on a device, we should send the Add button command to the system so as to make the button appear immediately on the device.