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Version: ver. 1.3.2

Project Settings

There are the settings of your project here.

  • Display properties - Resolution and color depth settings of the project. Allow rotating and offsetting the screen and eectangle and round display options.
  • Board Properties - Select the board, IDE and LVGL version.
  • File export - Path where to export the generated UI files, and LVGL include parh.
  • Force export all images - Export not only the used images but all images from the assets folder.
  • Flat export - If Flat export is enabled in Project settings then all the UI files will be exported into a single folder, instead of into screens, fonts, images, etc folders. It might be useful for some build systems (e.g. Arduino) where directories are not processed.
  • Multilanguage support - Select whether the project should support multiple language (translations)
  • Call function export file - You can choose which file extension the ui_event file is exported with.
  • Project description - You can modify the description of the project given at start.