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Version: ver. 1.3.2


Starting the program, Launcher screen appears. You can load your recent projects, create new ones or load an example.


Recently opened projects are enlisted. Having opened or saved a project, it automatically goes to the front. Selected projects can be loaded by clicking on the OPEN SELECTED PROJECT button.


At the top menu line you can see the board categories (a.k.a. groups). In the list below it you can select a board and adjust its settings in the bottom right corner.

By clicking the CREATE button the project will be created.

Due to the - Open Board Platform system new boards can be easily added to SquareLine Studio. Learn more about it here.

Import Project

At the end of the list there is an Import Project button to load the projects that are not enlisted among recent projects.

Board Description

Creating the project, it contains data of the selected board.

Project Description

Creating the project, it contains project data.

Project Settings

Setting options:

  • Project name - Project name and path

  • Resolution - The resolution of the project

  • Rotation - Rotation of the screen

  • Offset - Used if the UI's active area is smaller than the display's really resolution

  • Color depth - Selected color depth for the project

  • LVGL version - The selected LVGL version

  • Theme - The selected theme

  • Multilanguage support - You can enable whether you project should support multiple languages or not


In Create menu, at first you should choose the platform you would like to work on. Having selected it, you can define the parameters of the project.


Selecting an example, you should review project settings then click on the OPEN SELECTED EXAMPLE button to create a new example project.