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Version: ver. 1.3.2

Hierarchy Panel

In the Hierarchy Panel, you can find the scenes and the list of the widgets appearing on the scenes in hierarchical order. You can modify widget order, of course.


Creating a project results in creating a screen. You can add new screens by clicking on the screen widget. In Hierarchy Panel, screen elements can be repositioned by drag and drop method.

List Items

Icons in front of the enlisted items will show the type of the widget. Next to the icon, there is the name of the widget. Selecting a List Item, three icons appear on the right:

  • Delete - Delete the selected widget.
  • Lock - Lock the position of the widget.
  • Duplicate - Make a copy of the selected widget.

Modify Hierarchy Structure

Long pressing the left mouse button on a List Item, you can move it and reposition it on release. If you move a widget on top of another, the one on the top will be the child.

Initial actions function

The first element of the hierarchy panel is always a special "Initial actions" element. It can not be removed or moved. By selecting this element event actions can be created which will run once when the UI is created. It can be used for example to create initial animations.